Saint James Church

Phase I consisted of renovations to St. James’ School, including the replacement of the existing elementary school. The project had a tight time frame. All of the work needed to be complete during the school’s summer re-cess. Also during construction, the building needed to be maintained weather tight. Phase I was complete two weeks ahead of schedule and under budget.

Phase II consisted of historic preservation and restoration of both the interior and exterior of the church building. The interior work included the relocation of the existing baptis-mal and removal and partial replacement of existing pews and frontals. We replaced damaged plaster, removed ex-isting paint finishes, removed and replaced a drywall parti-tion, replaced loose or missing ceiling panels, repainted the Worship Space, constructed new handicapped access ramps and made various electrical improvements. In addi-tion, the exterior masonry was repaired including the re-building of the historic rose window, restoring of buttress stone and replacing copper roofs.

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Church of St. James

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