West Hall Exterior Restoration

Work consisted of the Exterior Historic Restorations of a 50,000 square foot 19th century historically significant building located on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus while retaining complete occupancy of the facility. Specific to the work included scaffolding of the north, south and west elevations, removal of existing lead paint and repointing of exterior masonry fa├žade; the complete replacement of mansards and their slate roofs and custom copper flashings, repair of existing dormers & replacement of dormer windows with new aluminum windows; restoration of existing wood windows on the remainder of the building; repair or replacement of upper brick cornice, rebuilding existing gutter system and main cornice.

Masonry restoration included reconstruction of brick chimneys, cornice back-up and badly deteriorated brick on each elevation of the building, wash down, raking, grouting & repointing, Stone Foundation restoration; replacement and/or restoration of wood window trim throughout each elevation, restoration of entry doors, installation of new interior storm windows and the consolidation of exiting wood and complete painting of exterior of building.

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Project Information

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

John G. Waite Associates Architects
Troy, NY

Randall Perry Photography