Watervliet Arsenal
Industrial / Institutional

The Watervliet Arsenal, a military industrial facility, expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a chrome plating facility. Situated in a 40-foot-deep pit within a classified area, the facility is a technologically sophisticated production area used to plate 120-mm cannons.

Sweet had been involved in the project since its initial phases; earlier, under a serperate contract, Sweet constructed the 60 by 50 by 40-foot-deep concrete pit that houses the chrome plating facility. The excavation of this pit was uniquely challenging since the blasting of rock had to be highly controlled. In this phase of the projectconstructing the chrome plating facility itself-Sweet Associates (Constructors) performed complete construction and installation of services, including all structural, civil, electrical, instrumentation, and finish work. In addition, Sweet provided the start-up and training work necessary to operate the facility.

A special challenge involved installing a large amount of equipment withing a confined space and installing it in a specific sequience to ensure adequate access clearances.

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Project Information

Department of the Army, Watervliet Arsenal

Walter Kidde Constructors, Inc.