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The rooms are two person rooms clustered in four room clusters around bathroom facilities that are accessible only to residents in each cluster via card access. Each wing includes a centrally located lounge/study and trash room to meet residents’ needs. Each cluster focal point is a community social room.

The first floor of each dormitory contains public spaces including a two story lounge. The ground level contains exercise, kitchen and laundry facilities as well as resident storage for bike and luggage. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing equipment for the facility is housed in one wing of the ground level with access directly to the building exterior.

The exterior includes several colors of an insulated plastic veneer stucco system and textured block. Each buildings design included sloping roof systems which made the construction a challenging task. There was extensive site work involved due to massive rock encountered during excavation and VMJR worked closely with the architect/ engineer to complete the revised site design to the clients satisfaction.

This 200 bed residence hall project was approximately 68,000 square feet and four floors. VMJR completed this project on a fast track design build basis in order to achieve occupancy by the Universities school year opening. Due to numerous changes caused by unforeseen site conditions VMJR worked double shifts, seven days per week to complete the project on schedule.

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Construction Notes

Dormitory Authority State of New York

STV Incorporated
New York, NY