RPI Low Center of Industrial Innovation
Ventilated Rainscreen Installation

VMJR was responsible for the solicitation and selection of vendors to provide a terracotta rainscreen product to reface the 66,000 square foot exterior surface of the Low Center of Industrial Innovation at the RPI campus in Troy, NY.

Once a product and vendor was selected, VMJR had the ex-terior surface of the building laser scanned to create a 3D model which illustrated building imperfections in levelness and plane. This allowed the specified layout of the rainscreen system to be custom manufactured to meet the building spec-ifications. Our self-performed work included removals of ex-isting brick masonry, wall ties, rigid insulation, roof flashings, copings, concrete sidewalks, replacement; existing masonry repair & repointing clean down of remaining brick on building. Sealing of brick & replacement of copings; installation of self adhering membrane & spray on membrane on existing CMU back-up; the installation of an insulated and maintenance free 60 year terracotta rainscreen system.

Work performed by subcontractors was hazardous material abatement; roof flashing replacement; gutter replacement and caulking. All work was completed on a phased schedule with restrictive budgets in a specified time frame.

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Architecture +
Troy, NY

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“Commitment and dedication of Sweet’s management and field operations is evident in their high quality of workmanship and this project’s success”
-J. Bruce Kunkel, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute