RPI Colonie Apartments
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As construction manager, VMJR was responsible for the coordination and completion of the refurbishment of four student housing buildings on the RPI campus. The Colonie complex consist of four three story buildings providing a total of 138 single occupant apartments, 8 kitchen/lounge areas and 4 laundry rooms.

Project requirements included the abatement of all asbestos containing materials in student accessible areas in the complex and the restoration of all impacted surfaces and room finishes. The scope of work included preconstruction services to establish preliminary construction budget and schedule; research long lead items; solicitation of potential subcontractors; development of bid packages; issuance of subcontracts and obtaining building permits.

The construction services phase included asbestos abatement in all four buildings; the removal and storage of all furnishings; removal of carpet and replacement with vinyl plank flooring; removal and replacement of drop ceilings & lighting fixtures; provide and maintain temporary stair towers & building separations; after asbestos abatement, patching & painting to repair damaged surfaces; reinstallation of lighting fixtures, carpet, ceilings, flooring & furnishings and the final clean up of all buildings to get ready for occupancy. The project was completed between May 25, 2013 and August 9, 2013 for student occupancy.

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Project Information

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

ALEC Services, LLC.

“ I would like to thank the VMJR Companies for their ability to handle eleventh hour scope changes and for their ability to complete the build of this project in only nine short weeks. VMJR’s construction management services accomplished an incredible amount of work in a very short time frame”.
-Duane DeWeerdt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute