Fuera Bush Filtration Plant
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The Albany Water Filtration Plant, built around 1930, is a beautiful brick structure and part of a system supplying drinking water to the city’s residents. Sweet Associates (Constructors) renovated the exterior and provided extensive process modifications-without disrupting the plant’s average daily output of drinking water.

The exterior of this half-century old building required numerous structural and architectural repairs, including extensive masonry restoration, complete roof replacement, repairs to structural concrete elements, door and window replacement.

The process modifications were even more involved and required coordination between Sweet, the designer, and the facility’s staff. Without interfering with normal production, it was necessary to replace the existing rapid-sand filtering system, a highly meticulous and complex task that required removing 1700 cubic yards of filter media, the existing nozzles-which had become plugged-and a concrete underdrain, which was a false floor. The false floor removal proved especially challenging, since it had to be “peeled” off by persistently chipping away small portions of concrete. Repairs were then made to the deteriorated portions of the concrete filter walls, a new underdrain with new nozzles installed, and a new false bottom poured. New filter media was hydraulically placed and the filter media and renovated backwashing system, water quality showed a notable improvement for the residents of Albany.

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