Glens Falls Robert J. Cronin High-Rise
Industrial / Institutional

In an effort to provide safe, comfortable housing for elderly citizens, the federal government embarked on a program to meet some of their housing needs. The Robert J. Cronin High-Rise, located in a downtown area of Glens Falls, NY was built by Sweet Associates (Constructors) as a U.S. Housing and Urban development project.

This attractive brick-clad, nine story high-rise contains 100 apartment units and 80,000 SF. Sweet Associates (Constructors) worked closely with the designers of the building, developing details for the cast-in-place concrete superstructure. By strategically spacing the concrete columns, and eliminating all beams and drop panels, it was possible to use a “flying form” system-a system that proved to be very economical as well as time-efficient. During peak production, one concrete deck was formed and placed per week. Because the building was constructed during a typically inclement Northeast winter, once the concrete structural frame was completed, the entire building was scaffold. It was then enclosed and heated so that the structure’s brick veneer could be installed throughout the winter, readying the apartments for spring occupancy.

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Award Notes

Glens Falls Housing Authority

Crandell Associates
Glens Falls, NY

Winner of the ACI Annual award for innovation.